Concession Stand Policy

All teams have the same opportunity to work the stands and make money.

The Concession Director will release schedules three times throughout the year, Fall, Winter and Spring through Track It Forward.  Booster Club Sports will have 1 week to fill spots before the opportunities are opened up to other school clubs and community organizations.

Concession opportunities will list the number of required volunteers, payment amount and the date/time of the shift.  You are committing to staff the entire stand.  Times subject to change.  Sport will commit for all volunteers necessary to fill the stand.  You may fill your volunteer positions however you see fit, as well as split with another sport if agreed upon.  Any payment splits must be approved by FMBC Treasurer.

Concession stand opportunities will exist for all games, including weekends and holidays.  Sports do not have the option of not opening a stand.

Sports/Organizations that fail to show up for duties may be subject to a fine, as described in the FMBC by-laws, will not receive payment for shift and may be ineligible for further opportunities.

Click the link below to view available opportunities and to sign up.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

You have the ability to Filter by category, which will show opportunities available by number of volunteers.

Please SIGN UP without an account (as a guest) and add your sport/organization name in the Message to Organizer field.

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Game Day Procedures

  • You do not need to be a member of FMBC to work the concession stands.
  • Volunteers must be high school aged; an adult must accompany teens.
  • Report to concession stand at posted time.  DO NOT BE LATE!
  • You receive free admittance to the game. V-Fball – this DOES NOT include stadium parking.  Parking in the Natatorium and outlying lots fill up quickly. You may plan to arrive by 30-45 minutes early to secure parking and get to stadium in order to be prepared to open stand on time.
  • You must sign-in to receive credit. Please write legibly.
  • You must stay until all registers are balanced and everything is clean.  V-Fball – Windows start closing down during the 3rd quarter. You will not receive credit if you leave early.
  • Bring a ball cap and wear closed-toed shoes since the floors can become messy.

Payment Guidelines

Sports will receive a flat rate for working the games.  This amount will be indicated in Track It Forward, when you sign up.  Funds transfer will happen within 7 days of the Treasurer receiving documentation of staffing. Due to occupancy and space restrictions, please do not send extra workers.  Must adhere to number indicated.Game delays do not warrant extra payment. Sport will receive credit based on the check-in sheets.  No check-in, no payment – PLEASE SIGN-IN!

Outside organizations volunteers: Payment must be made to the non-profit organization.  We are unable to issue payment to an individual.

Sign Up Deadlines

Day Before Game – 8:00AM – If vacancies remain, the Track It Forward opens to everyone to back-fill any open spots; first come, first served.